Inventário de aeronaves vendidas

Jatos executivos / Jets

2009 Phenom 100, s/n 500-0069: Airframe:1,990 Hrs TT S.New NDH, EEC ENHANCE + JSSI Just Exported to US SOLD. “SOLD”

2007 Cessna Citation CJ1+, s/n 525-0632- Airframe:625 Hrs TT S.New -Engines: 625Hrs TT S.New / 625Hrs TT S.New, NDH, Pro Parts, TAP ELITE ADVANTAGE BLUE Fully Paid. “SOLD”

2008 Cessna Citation CJ3, s/n 525B-0266-Airframe and Engines 682 Hrs TT Since New, Pro Line -21, Dual FMS, Duas ADF, TCASII, TAP ELITE, Pro Parts, 10 seats, NDS - Has Just in Brazil. “SOLD”

2005 Cessna Citation CJ2, s/n 525A-0241 Airframe: 3,050 Hrs TT S.New Engines: 3,050 Hrs TT SNew NDH TAP ELITE Just Exported to USA . “SOLD”

2001 Lear Jet 31A-0214, PT-FZA, Airframe: 1000 Hrs TT, Engines 1000Hrs/1000Hrs TT S. New, 0Hrs/0Hrs SMPI, 5 Tube EFIS, NDH. “SOLD”

2001 CITATION EXCEL, N23LM, Airframe 1,525 Hrs TT S. New, On Cescom, Phase V 08/08,Pro Parts FAA 135 @, NDH “DEAL PENDING’’

2001 Cessna Citation Jet 525-0356, PP-YOF/Airframe 540Hrs TT/Engines 540HrsTT, Two Tubes EFIS Honeywell-EDZ, Freon Air, On Cescom, Original Paint & Interior, ’SOLD’’

1982 Cessna Citation IISP-Airframe 4870 Hrs Since New- Engines 1197/1206 SMOH, Collins /Sperry Avionics, Cescom, Freon Air, Anti-Skid, Fresh Phases IV, Paint & Interior good cond. “Firm”

1979 Cessna Citation 501-0129-ISP/PT-LQQ-Airframe- 3400 Hrs TT Since New- Engines 3400/3400Hrs Since New, Sperry Avionics, Freon Air, Original Paint & Interior "SOLD"

1973 Cessna Citation 500-131/ Airframe 5600 Hrs TT Since New - Engines 120 SMOH, RCA/ Collins Avionics, Paint & Interior New in 2000. *Aircraft @ phases de i, II, III, IV, V Done in the USA by “FAA Repair Station” (Asking Price).


Turboélices / Turbo-Prop

2007 Beech King Air B200GT, s/n BY-022-Airframe and Engines:1,400 Hrs TT S.New, Pro Line -21, Stormscope, TCAS, Raisbeck Aft Body Strake, BLR Wing Lets, Wildness Tires, One Owner Since New NDH--Has Just Arrive in Brazil. "SOLD"

2007 Beech King Air C90GT S/N LJ-1839, Airframe 275 Hours Since New, Engines 275 Hours Since New. "SOLD"

2006 Beech King Air B200, s/n BB-1932, N277DM--Airframe 635 Hrs TT, Eng 635/635, Pro Line 21, RVSM, EGPWS, TAWS, DVD, AIR SHOW, Wing Lockers, Body Strakes, Beautiful Aircraft NDH. US$4,500,000.00’’The aircraft hat just arrived in Brazil “SOLD’’

2001 Beech King Air B200, s/n BB-1779, N282JD, Airframe: 1,580Hrs TT S. New, Engines 1,580/1,580Hrs TT S. New, Mark IV EGPWS, EFIS, FMS-UNS-1, “SOLD’’

1998 Beech King Air B200, s/n BB-1626, Airframe: 2850Hrs TT Since New, Engines 2,850/2,850 Hrs TT, 0/0 SHSI, 3Tubes EFIS, Collins Pro-Line. One Owner Since New.”SOLD”

1998 Beech King Air B200, s/n BB-1605, Airframe: 2,950 Hrs TT S. New, Engines 0Hrs/0Hrs Since New -52’s Blackwawk Conversion-310Knots, New Interior, New Paint inm July Of 2009, Raisbeck Wing Lockers. Just Got in Brazil-“SOLD”

1985 Beech King Air B200, s/n BB-1199, PR-BLP-5850 Hrs TT, 350 Hrs Remaining on the engines, Two Tubes Honeywell EFIS, Raisbeck-Four Blades Prop, Paint & Interior-Nova.”SOLD"

1985 Beech King Air B200, s/n BB-1158, N66LM, 5390 Hrs TT, 2200Hrs SMOH, FULL RAISBECK, Three Tubes EFIS Collins Pro Line, NDH ‘’SOLD”

2008 Beech King Air C90GT, s/n LJ-1850 N527SE, Airframe: 210Hrs TT S. New, Collins Pro Line II, KMD-850 Multi Function Display, Garmin 400, TCAS. “Under Warranty’’ " SOLD".

2006 Beech King Air C90GT, s/n LJ-1790, N125AR, Airframe 480, One Owner DVD, Airshow—New Paint! "SOLD’’

2005 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1723, N546C, 1,430 Hrs TT Desde Novo,

‘’Under Warranty until 2011’’, TCAS, TAWS Class B. EFIS, Pintura & Interior original. ‘’JUST SOLD’ MARCH 2010 The aircraft is on the way to Brazil.

2001 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1644, PR-MLZ/Airframe1.475Hrs TT S. New, Engines 1.475Hrs TT S. New, Two Tubes EFIS Collins, One Owner, NDH, Original Paint & Interior rated 9 “SOLD”

2001 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1623, N222K: Airframe 3,330 Hrs, Engines 3,330Hrs / 3,330Hrs, Collins Avionics Pro Line EFIS, Garmin 500, TAWS Class-B, Jaguar Edtion, White Leather interior, Paint & Interior Original JUST GOT IN BRASIL IN JANUARY 2010. ‘’SOLD’’

1999 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1539 N539TT:3,235 Hrs TT Airframe & Engines, FMS, New Paint & Interior, TCAS. “JUST SOLD to BRAZIL’’ August 2010!

1998 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1505- Jaguar Edition: Airframe 2,000 Hrs TT S. New, Engines: 2,000 Hrs/2,000 Hrs S. New, 0/0 Hrs SHSI, New Avidine 500EX, Garmin 530, New Interior. “SOLD”

1996 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1441, Airframe & Engines 2,235Hrs TT S. New, Collins Avionics, NDH Came from Germany. “SOLD”

1993 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1332, Airframe: 2,870 Hrs TT S. New Engines: 2,870 Hrs /2,870 Hrs TT S. New, EGPWS, AVIDINE 500, fresh Phases I-IV by Beech “SOLD’’

1991 Beech King Air C90A, s/n LJ-1279, N661KA, Airframe 2.200Hrs TT, Engines 2.200Hrs TT S .New/2.200HrsTT S .New, Collins Avionics, Brand New Interior & Exterior, All Major Inspections due only in 2008. U.S$1,285,000.00 “SOLD”

1981 Beech King Air C90, s/n LJ-0960, PT-OCC: 5050Hrs TT, 1550Hrs SMOH/1550Hrs SM0H/0 SHSI/0 SHSI, Collins Avionics, New Radar Primus 880, New Paint & Interior.“SOLD’


1993 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1332, Airframe: 2,870 Hrs TT S. New Engines: 2,870 Hrs /2,870 Hrs TT S. New, EGPWS, AVIDINE 500, fresh Phases I-IV by Beech “SOLD’’.

2002 Beech King Air C90B, s/n LJ-1649 M490W: Airframe: 1,350 Hrs TT Engines: 1,350 Hrs TT / 1,350 Hrs TT, EFIS-84 +  Garmin 400, Paint & Int 2002, Just Arrived in Brasil!! "SOLD".

Helicópteros / Helicopters

2009 EC-130 B4, Airframe & Engines 6Hrs TT S.New, TCAS, Multi Function Dysplay, Cell Phone, Pop Up Floats. Under Manufactory Warranty Until 2014!! The aircraft got in Brazil in May of 2010 ‘’JUST SOLD’’

2000 BELL 407, S/N 53433 Airframe, 850Hrs TT Since New, Engine 850Hrs TT Since New, NDH, Storm Scope, Beautiful Ship!!! "SOLD” to USA

1997 BELL 407, S/N 53180, PT-YPC, 1400Hrs TT Since New, NDH, Storm Scope, Paint & Interior 8.All AD’s & SB’s complied with. ‘’SOLD’ to USA


1998 BELL 407, S/N 53257 N999XX, 1,000 Hrs TT S. New, Impeccable Aircraft, TCAS, Garmin 430, Two Owners S. New, owned by the second biggest Bank in Brazil. ‘’Deal Pending’’

1990 MD 500, s/n 396E, Airframe 2.400 Hrs TT S. New, Zero Hrs SMOH, One Owner Since New. ‘’SOLD’’ to Spain

1993 MD 520 NOTAR S/N LN-042, PT-HTM, Airframe & Engines 1,300Hrs TT S. New ‘’SOLD’’ to Russia


Pistão / Pistons

2010 Beech Baron G58 Airframe:220 Hrs TT. TCM Special Edition IO-550-C. Props - Hartzell Three Blade. "SOLD"

2007 Beech Baron G58, s/n TH-2193, N42VP: Airframe: 430 Hrs TT S. New, Engines: 430 Hrs TT S. New, Garmin 1000, TCAS, TAWS CLASS-B, Under Warranty + Support Plus ''SOLD'' JUST GOT IN BRASIL.

2006 Beech Baron G58, s/n TH-2143, N67WQ, Airframe: 640 Hrs TT S. New, Engines 640 Hrs TT S. New, Garmin 1000, One Owner!!! Beautiful Airplane. ''Just SOLD" Got in Brazil, August of 2009

2005 Beech Baron 58 s/n TH-2111, Airframe 225 Hrs TT S. New, Engines 225 Hrs TT S. New, Garmin 530/430, Under Manufactory's Warranty Like Brand New!!! "SOLD"

2005 Beech Bonanza A-36, s/n E-3626, N272P, Airframe and Engine 225 Hrs TT S. New '' Like Brand New'', Garmin 530/430 Comm / Navs ''SOLD''

2001 Beech Baron 58, s/n TH-1978, N958JB: Airframe: 1.010 Hrs TT S. New, Engines Two New Continental Engines with zero time Since Overhauled, Garmin 430, Weather Link, Two Owners. "SOLD'' Just Got in Brazil.

1999 Beech Baron 58 s/n TH-1893, Airframe 1,360 Hrs TT S. New, Engines 1,360 Hrs TT S. New,KLN90B GPS, BF GoodrichWX-500 Storm scope. "SOLD"


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